Grab some popcorn and enjoy the read

Hello everyone,

I meant to publish this sooner, but never really got the chance to do that, until now.

It was the end of March, Invasion being 9 months old already, and it wasn't looking very optimistic for the server. New players weren't too enthusiastic about joining us, seeing Kevay and Omino at over 200,000 kills, and finding out that the kill multiplier isn't resembling a phone number.

We have been through something similar last autumn, but the server being in its early months, we couldn't bring ourselves to accepting its fate and do nothing about it. This time it was different. We have done some things to attempt to revive the server, and had some more planned, but it was all eventually coming down to the fact that most players don't want to join a server where they have no way of catching up to someone who started earlier. I believe that's understandable, which is pretty much why MOBA games are so popular.

Another reason why I believe new players avoided Invasion was our player base. Sure, we're full of drama, but that's not what I meant. A lot of our players are absolute pvp badasses, and no one can deny it. Sure they cry when the other raid has one player more, but can we just ignore that one ? It is rather hard to compete against players who are very good at the game, and who take it very seriously, unless you're like them.

Anyway, it's over now, and I would like to thank everyone who supported the server as much as they could, and stood by our side in the hardest of times. You know who you are, and you're awesome.

As most of you may have noticed, I have stopped using my old Skype account, and I will probably never use it again. I haven't been ignoring anyone, I can simply no longer be reached that way. I have lingered around Shaiya for a little longer than I expected, and it is time for me to move on, and do something better.

If you're disappointed or frustrated, then what follows is for you.

[Adm]Genius, with certain other members of our administration team, is currently working on a new server. The goal is to continue innovating and bringing something new to the table, while attempting to avoid the mistakes that were made in Invasion. I will assist [Adm]Genius in every way I can, from the development point of view, so you can be sure the new server will continue bringing you high quality features that you cannot see on other servers.

Here's the part that a lot of you will be mostly excited about. Players who donated in Invasion will be compensated on the new server based on a special formula, depending on when exactly the donation occurred. We also have a loyalty program in mind, which will ensure that players who were loyal to Invasion will be compensated for their time and effort as well.

There is no ETA available for the new server, nor do we have a name for it yet, but rest assured that it will be worth the wait. The team will make sure to spread the word as far as possible, and reach as many people as possible before it goes up. We might also make use of all the emails we have stored in our databases, to reach everyone who ever laid foot on Invasion.

Good bye, Invasion. You were awesome.


Chris / nubness / [Adm]Turbo.